Top 5 Beaches in China for Those Seeking Surf, Sea and Sun

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Even though China is mostly known for its Great Wall, Terracotta Army and Tiananmen Square but the beaches in China are in no way less than some of the renowned beaches of the world.

1. Yalong Bay

The 7.5km long Yalong Bay beach located in Hainan Province is no doubt an absolutely stunning beach with plenty of 5-star hotels occupying the area. The place has quickly transformed itself into a top attraction in China for people from all over the globe. Despite the incursion of big hotels, there are lots of places left to be explored surrounded by the clear blue waters and pristine white sands. Snorkelling and swimming are some of the popular water sport activities.


2. Tianya Haijiao

When it comes to beaches in China, Tianya Haijiao is the preferred destination for most Chinese newlyweds to spend their honeymoons. It lies to Sanya City’s west and consists of various other attractions for the tourists. The place attracts large number of tourists mainly because of its Moon and Sun rocks. However, the beach can be the ideal place to for a relaxing walk, under the palms. The place can sometimes get extremely crowded with tourists flocking in from different parts of the country and outside.

Tianya Haijiao

3. Xiamen Beaches

Xiamen is located on south-eastern coast of China and is also known by the name of Amoy. Xiamen beaches are a popular attraction of the area where travelers in large numbers from China and outside countries arrive to experience the long stretches of sandy and wide beaches. Kite surfing is a popular activity at these beaches mainly because of the stable winds. Those who wish to spend some nice and quiet time can take a ferry ride to Gulanguy Island where there are plenty of beautiful beaches available.

xiamen beach

4. Beidaihe Beach

Located in Hebei province of northern China this 10km beach features beautiful yellow sand stretching far into the ocean. Situated quite close to Beijing, the beach is generally frequented by Chinese tourists and few tourists from western countries. The climate in the area is mostly comfortable and consists of four distinct seasons. The best time for visiting Beidaihe Beach is from May to October.

Beidaihe Beach

5. Beaches of Shenzhen

There are quite a few beautiful beaches in the area which has recently earned a lot of popularity. Xichong Beach is popular for its gentle surf and endless stretches of sand. However, unlike some of the other beaches in China, getting to this beach proves quite difficult. Dameisha Beach is located close to downtown Shenzhen is another highly popular beach.

Beaches of Shenzhen
Although people might not have thought of beaches across China when traveling to the country, it should be said that they are also among the recommended visits. Like any other beach on the planet each of these beaches are special in their own way.

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