Top 10 Best Beaches in Hong Kong

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The top best beaches in Hong Kong offer the desired seclusion and isolation from the noise and hustle of the world. The beaches are the most appropriate places to relax while the children get busy with their creative skills in preparing sand castles. Listed here are some of the famous beaches of Hong Kong.

1. Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan

Decent waves, pristine sands and fresh currents constitute the beach of Tai Long Wan. A number of peaks can be seen rising up at a distance, while a bunch of islands can be seen out at the sea. Swimming, however, is not allowed because there are no lifeguards.

2. Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay Beach

The beach can be conveniently accessed from Central and is a well maintained beach famous among the tourists who choose swimming and sunbathing. As it is that that the beach is on the bus route, it is usually crowded with tourists.

3. Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay

This is the only surf beach of Hong Kong which is recognized officially. The beach is a scenic and a clean one and set in the deep cove with the backdrop formed by the hills that are yet no completely developed. The beach has become the most chosen destination for the surf lovers in Hong Kong and abroad.

4. Silvermine Beach

Silvermine Beach

This is one much popular beach in Hong Kong perfect for a laid back and relaxing day. The waters are crystal clear and there are a number of bars and cafes.

5. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach

This is an almost hidden cove that bars the entry of visitors for six months during which period the turtles nest. It takes about an hour to walk along Lamma Island’s southern side. At the beach little shade can be found near a small bay which offers a secluded and peaceful place.

6. South Bay Beach

South Bay Beach

The beach is one of the most chosen destinations for the locals of Hong Kong who want to spend a family day. The calm waters at the sea are enjoyable while the visitors may choose to relax at the shady patches.

7. Cheung Sha Beach

Cheung Sha Beach

The orderly and comfortable sands here make the Cheung Sha Beach a popularly visited beach in Hong Kong. A number of visitors crowd the beach which offers the perfect atmosphere to lay back and relax.

8. Hung Shing Yeh

Hung Shing Yeh

The beach is clean and the waters here are shallow for quite distance making it suitable for kids and adults. The Hung Shing Yeh beach is good for picnics for a number of eateries are present here. The Lamma Power Station is clearly visible.

9. Cheung Chau Beach

Cheung Chau Beach

It is a windsurf beach where a curved sand beach opens at the left for the windsurfers. Small boats are available for getting in and getting out.

10. Sharp Island

Sharp Island

This is an idyllic beach in Hong Kong and has crystal clear waters. A tombolo appears when there is low tide connecting the island with a neighboring island, Kiu Tau.

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