Top 10 Best Beaches in Africa to Spend Your Holidays

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When you set out for a trip to Africa, it is generally believed that you have a great interest in Wildlife. You would find a great range of fish species in the African beaches. This fact is true to some extent, but when you’ll search over the Internet, you’ll get to know that there are beaches, where you can spend your holidays. What makes the top 10 best beaches in Africa different from other popular beaches is that they are peaceful.

1. Clifton, Cape Town

Clifton, Cape Town

Clifton is a popular range of four beaches situated close to each other. If you are fond of sunset, this would be your best vacation spot.

2. Mpande Beach, Eastern Cape

Mpande Beach, Eastern Cape

Among the top beaches in Africa, Mpande beach is the quietest. For those who like to spend some time in solitude, this beach could be a favorite place.

3. Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo, Mozambique

People visit Africa to explore wildlife, but they do forget that whale sharks are also an important part of this adventure trip. Tofo, Mozambique is a beach where whale sharks could be found in abundance.

4. Dahab Bay, Egypt

Dahab Bay, Egypt

The Dahab Bay situated in Egypt is a perfect beach for people who love diving. Divers from all over the world come here to have a great experience.

5. Oualiadia Morocco

Oualiadia Morocco

When you drift yourself towards North Africa, you would realize that there is even more than you would ever explore in your life. The birdlife which is visible here cannot be seen anywhere else. Travelers have called this beach as ‘St. Tropez of Morocco.’

6. Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya is a popular beach destination for summer vacations. Travelers visit here and love the white sand lying over here. Nyali beach and Shimba Hills National Reserve are some of the place to see while you are here.

7. River Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone


Some people visit beaches not just to enjoy but to have a deep understanding of the nature and to relax themselves in a fresh atmosphere. River Number 2 beach is one of those best beaches in Africa where you would feel yourself relieved from all the stress and tension that you accumulated during your work.

8. Robertsport, Liberia

Robertsport, Liberia

Relaxing and enjoying are different things; people who love adventure should not miss Robertsport if they happen to visit Africa during their lifetime. This is a kind of beach whose waters are made for only surfing.

9. Busua and Dixcove

Busua and Dixcove

The true beauty of the nature lies in the Busua and Dixcove beaches situated in Ghana. The atmosphere here is so much relaxing that you would not want to get back from here.

10. Benguela Beaches, Luanda

Benguela Beaches, Luanda

Angola is a popular city of Africa and it is a home for one of the top 10 best beaches in Africa. These beaches are simply beautiful and you just cannot afford to miss them in your trip.

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