Know About the Best Beaches in Florida

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The American state of Florida is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. The majority of the beaches in the state are public beaches. They are exceptionally well maintained and are well known destinations for entertainment for the locals as well as tourists. Also known as the sunshine state, Florida is known to attract travelers because of its beautiful beaches. If you want to know about the best beaches in Florida where you can go and have fun, you need to keep the following names in mind.

Cocoa Beach and the St Pete Beaches

Cocoa Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida that you can visit over here. Cocoa beach features warm golden sands and a proximity to the ocean. You can engage in swimming activities as there are lifeguards present on the beach at all hours of a day. The beaches of St Pete can also be explored by you if you want to enjoy a beachside experience in Florida. While these beaches are particularly crowded, the nightlife here is amazing. You can witness performances by both local as well as international bands at these beaches.

Cocoa Beach and the St Pete Beaches

Tampa Bay and Treasure Island

The Tampa Bay area is also home to the best beaches in Florida. Some of the beaches here are private beaches. The Tampa Bay Area is wonderful for fishing activities. Trawlers for fishing leave in the early hours of the morning and make their way back to the shore by ten am. If you are travelling with children you should certainly pay a visit to the Treasure Island Beach. You can create sand sculptures of various kinds on this beach. There are facilities for doing so. Playing water sports like paragliding and snorkeling is also something you can do here.

Caspersen Beach and Miami Gems

The Caspersen Beach in Florida is a very good beach to go too with children. There is ample space for children to run around. However, as there are no life guards present on the beach you need to make sure you keep an eye on your kids so that they do not get into danger. The Miami Gems is also one of the best beaches in Florida that you can explore. Miami Gems has some excellent amusement options for kids in the form of fun rides. There is a playground and a skating rink and even a carousel. There is also a lagoon nearby.

If you want to visit the best beaches in Florida then you should certainly keep all these names in mind. These are some of the finest beaches in the state of Florida and receive tourists at all times of the year. Entry is free for all and sundry.

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