5 of the Best Vodka Bars in London

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Services at any of the best vodka bars in London have always been the driving force of their success. The bars need not necessarily be placed at the heart of London. Whether in a mood to dance it off or to toast to the success of a near one, these London bars are the apt places to be in.

1. Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay

This vodka bar in London, since it was opened in the year 2008, has been consistently catering to people in offering the most innovative of cocktails. It is the characteristic incongruity in the atmosphere of this bar which makes it stand out among the rest. The interiors blend in the themes of Lewis Carroll/Victoriana and Shoreditch irony to create a queer ambience that the visitors love. While the front section of the bar is filled to its full capacity, the hidden lounge is the place offering privacy in a romantic ambience created by the mirrored walls and the metal palm trees.

2. Revolution Richmond

Revolution Richmond

Situated on the Thames River Bank, Revolution Richmond offers a great place for those who wish to have a look at the moving world. Not only are the pitchers full of cocktails to be enjoyed here, but also the delicious bites. The balcony of the bar offers a wonderful view of the sunset. The musical accompaniment offered by the resident DJs here is what comes as an additional aspect.

3. The Zetter Townhouse

The Zetter Townhouse

The Zetter Townhouse, one of the best vodka bars in London, spells luxury to simplicity and offers the perfect ambience for all who want to delve in the true taste of quality vodka cocktails. The drinks served in this beautiful bar are original and fairly simple. The fame of Zetter Townhouse lies in its famous house cocktails that include Somerset sour, Koln martini, and jasmine tea gimlet.

4. Bar Polski

bar polski 1

This stylishly modern bar is so far one of the best in offering quality vodkas and vodka cocktails. Bar Polski stores the best vodkas that cover a range of more than fifty five. The bar is small and cozy and readily becomes a chosen spot for friends or couples to indulge in conversation taking down the vodka shots or tasting some of the newest cocktails. The bar also serves some Polish delicacies.

5. Purl

purl bar london

When the best vodka bars in London are listed down, Purl definitely is among the popular names. This bar with its vaulted basement offers true seclusion to the couples seeking privacy. The bar offers quality vodka and cocktails, while keeping it innovative at all times. The ambient mood of the bar is enhanced by an enchanting music. The bar shows an extensive selection of the finest vodkas from all over the world.

To sample the true quality vodkas and some of the newest and most innovative cocktails, go to the best vodka bars in London.

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