5 Best Whiskey Bars in New York City

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Some of the best whiskey bars in New York City would take the connoisseurs to delight with the world’s most priced whiskeys on store. While whiskey is certainly not a favourite with all, it is without doubt the most cherished of the beverages of many and these bars in New York can satiate their desire.

1. Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share

The sophisticated menu of both food and alcohol is what turns on the visitors to this uniquely styled whiskey bar in New York City. The most alluring part of the bar, other than its rich store of which, is its ambience which just defines perfect, and for those who are lovers of quietude, the Angel’s Share is heaven. It is a small bar with a seating arrangement of a maximum of four in a group. ‘Speak Low’ and ‘Stormy Weather’ are the famous drinks of the bar.

2. Highlands


This bar has captured the whole dining and drinking scene since 2009. This charming gastro-pub presents forth a superb selection of cocktails, blended whiskeys and single malts. This whiskey bar is famous for Blood and Sand, the cocktail. But it is not just this Scottish cocktail that calls the visitors; the food they serve is worth savoring like the delicious beef wellington or the alluring wild mushroom shepherd’s pie.

3. Hudson Bar and Books

Hudson Bar and Books

The popular whiskey bars in New York City would certainly include the Hudson Bar and Books. This whiskey lounge is an archetype of the establishment for wealthy whiskey drinkers. Leather and mahogany deck up the place and books add a touch of sophistication to the ambience. This whiskey bar has a refined selection of drinks for its visitors. The visitors can have cigars too, on demand. While the prohibitive measures have made it difficult to smoke freely in most of the public places including restaurants and bars, this is one of the very few bars in New York City that allow the patrons for smoking without restrictions.

4. Vintry wine and whiskey

Vintry wine and whiskey

While the neighboring area has a lot of bars and pubs, Vintry Wine and Whiskey offers a magical atmosphere with its dimly lit interiors. The whiskey bar offers a haven to the lovers of wine and whiskey. The primary focus of Vintry is on the artisanal producers and over hundred whiskeys and cocktails are available. The food are delicious that include small plates of lobster stuffed mushrooms and ricotta gnocchi.

5. The Campbell Apartment

The Campbell Apartment

Counting among the best whiskey bars in New York City, the Campbell Apartment is a luxuriously designed classical architecture. The bar had previously remained the private salon of John W. Campbell, the financier of the 20s. Situated at the corner of the Grand Central, this whiskey bar shows rich woodwork, oversized fireplace, along with a beamed ceiling. The plush red sofas are just perfect for sitting while taking a sip of scotch and cocktail.

The best whiskey bars in New York City offer some of the best collection of whiskeys and wines from all over the world.

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