5 Best Tequila Bars in New York City

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While preferences go between margaritas, on the rocks, and straight up, the best tequila barsin New York City, are up for serving the connoisseurs. When it is about taking down the tequila shots, quality is the aspect that takes these bars to the list in New York City.

1. La Biblioteca

la biblioteca bar nyc

This tequila bar that has its name translated into “the library” in English, boasts one of the best selection of tequilas, sotols, and mescals, and that goes well over four hundred bottles. La Biblioteca forms the basement of the Latin fusion restaurant, Zengo, in the Midtown East. The finest of the products of Mexico, brought from the haciendas and the family owned small distilleries of Durango and Oaxaca, are stocked in this speakeasy bar. What complement this great selection of tequilas are the tasty delights on the table that they serve.

2. Viktor and Spoils

Viktor and Spoils

For the best tequilas and mescals, Viktor and Spoils is the place to be in. It is a night tequila bar tucked in Hotel On Rivington. The Decadent Daisy can truly set the moods for a tequila party. The drink is a cocktail of the best tequilas combined with fresh lime juices and squeezed tangerine. This tequila cocktail splurge is the ultimate drink that takes Viktor and Spoils under the list of the best tequila bars of New York City.

3. Agave


The people in New York call Agave the best of its kind in the city. It is a typical restaurant in the West Village, specializing in alcohol and south-western cuisine. The interiors of the restaurant boast luxury, decked with spruce fur and adobe walls. Ending up in Agave is being caught with entrees staring from steak to the pescado tacos and appetizers like chilli and grilled corn. The restaurant offers over a hundred different varieties of tequilas and a number of cocktails. The finest tequila concoctions of New York City remain undefined without naming the Cucumber Uno and Electric Feel offered by Agave.

4. Mayahuel


Naming the best tequila bars in New York City cannot be complete without naming Mayahuel. While tasting the best tequilas, the visitor cannot miss out on the bites served here. This bar has been a favourite with both the people of New York City and the visitors to the city since the year 2009 when it was established. The classic margarita prepared with Cointreau, blanco tequila, and lime juice is one of the best concoctions available in the New York City.

5. Ofrenda


Offering the most affordable tequila cocktails, Ofrenda is an accessible bar to visitors from different financial backgrounds. Other than alcohol, Ofrenda offers a rich Mexican menu on the table. The dimly lit interiors evoke romance as the tasty delights are coupled with the fresh cocktails.

To take down the best tequila shots the best tequila bars in New York City are the best destinations.

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