5 Best Rum Bars in New York City

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Bars are some of the most happening yet relaxing places for the drinkers. Overall it is the ambience of the bars which matters to most. The best rum bars in New York City poses great competition to each other but all in a good sporting spirit.

1. Rum House

Rum House

As far as the best rum bars in New York City are concerned, this one here is the big daddy of them all. The first impression that one gets from the very name itself is that it must be a reputable house for guzzling Dark ‘N’ Stormies and pina coladas. Fortunately, the bar lives up to the expectation and delivers a great many rum-based delectable concoctions that one can ever land their hands on in Manhattan. The speakeasy environment helps in keeping the tourists at bay in spite of being closely located to Times Square.

The guests mainly comprise of the locals or the ones working in the area. The bar houses an expert staff and dozens of rums with the cocktail menu being loaded with some masterfully crafted classic offerings such as Mojitos, Old Fashioneds and Tortugas. Then food menu here is kept quite basic with options like popcorn, pretzels, nuts and hotdogs.

2. Cienfuegos


This is a piece of Latin America in the very middle of Manhattan. Named after a city that excels in rum and sugarcane production, the temperament and decor of Cienfuegos reflect the same atmosphere as that of a windy Cuban port town. Cienfuegos specializes in rum cocktails and punch bowls, with the crowd favourite of these being the “Anchor Punch” and “Ancient Mariner”. A plateful of camarones borrachos or huevos rellenos can be grabbed so as to compliment with the rum.



Tiki bar gimmick is played hard by PKNY or Pain Killer New York. PKNY’s interior design is shameless and gaudy, with the drinks being strong and tropical with lots of punch, frozen beverages and Mai Tais. Coming in a number of shades, the Scorpion Bowl is the bar’s most popular item. Another crowd- puller is the Jolly Stomper. It contains lime juice, gin, Falernum, home-made orgeat and red wine.

4. Nights and Weekends

Nights and Weekends

Located in Brooklyn is among the popular rum bars in New York City which is styled after watering holes and restaurants in the West Indies and Cuba. The menu is varied and extensive with rum drinks dominating the board. Favourites include “St James Royal Ambre”, “Flor de Cana” and “Ron Zapaca”. Cocktails are priced evenly at $10 apiece. List of best- sellers also include “Smokalada” and “Cuban Firing Squad”. The bar screams cool and Brooklyn from all quarters.

5. Otto’s Shrunken Head

Otto’s Shrunken Head

Situated in East Village and designed in typical tiki decor, this bar brings together powerful rum-based drinks and live music in one place. It takes pride in the fresh juices and fine ingredients that it brings to the table, mixing some of the very best tiki drinks the city has to offer. Notable mixtures include “Stormy Skull”, “Patty’s Poison” and “Scurvy Dog”. “Shrunken Head” is its signature drink.

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