Top 10 Long-Distance Hiking Trails in the US

The top 10 long-distance hiking trails in the US are not less than 100 miles long and they are mainly footpaths. Some of the most popular and longest hiking trails in the US are maintained by outdoor recreational agencies and hiking clubs. All the hiking trails in the US are simply superb and therefore they are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Some of the best long distance trails in the United States are described here.

1. Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon, Washington and California

Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail in the US is 2663 miles long and hiking this trail requires between three to five months. This trail can be followed on horseback as well and you also get the Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail which parallels the PCT roughly.

2. John Muir Trail: California

John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail is 210 miles long and you will find this trail at Yosemite National Park. It is considered a footpath that is perfectly alright for the people who are fond of hiking long trails. Hikers generally complete this trail in three weeks travelling from north towards south during the late summers. You will hardly find any shelter on this route and therefore it is very important for you to carry a tent.

3. Continental Divide Trail: Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Continental Divide Trail

This is 3100 miles long hiking trail and completing this hiking trail in the US should definitely get you a degree is long distance hiking logistics. Most of the portions of this trail follow a rugged and remote crest of Rocky Mountains. You will find very few supply points for water and finding the correct route might be a little difficult on this trail.

4. Allegheny Trail

Allegheny Trail

Allegheny trail is around 292 miles in length starting at PA/WV state line which runs north to south on trails and roads though Allegheny Highlands and ends at the Appalachian Trail. This long distance trail in the US is under the maintenance of West Virginia Scenic Trails Associations.

5. Arizona Trail

Arizona Trail

This is a primitive long distance trail in the US which is 800 miles in length traversing the entire state of Arizona starting from Mexico and ending at Utah. This trail has been broken into 43 parts which are 11 to 35 miles in length.

6. Oregon Desert Trail

Oregon Desert Trail

The distance of this trail in the US is 800 miles and it is a thrilling and stark arena that is a good test for human patience and caliber. The route of this trail is made up of shorter trails, wilderness and wagon roads which is a feast for hiking enthusiasts.

7. Ouachita Trail, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Ouachita Trail, Oklahoma and Arkansas

You will find this trail in Pinnacle Mountain State Park located in Arkansas and the park serves as the starting point of this trail. It is a 223 mile long distance trail winding through burbling streams, rocky crags and lush forests. It has a convenient location and is filled with natural beauty.

8. Long Trail, Vermont

Long Trail, Vermont

Long Trail in Vermont is the oldest hiking trail in the US and it is 270 miles long. It features an additional 175 mile long route consisting of side trails and spurs. This hiking trail offers panoramic sights of rugged mountains and lush valleys.

9. North Country Trail

North Country Trail

The North Country Trail is 5000 miles long and it starts from New York and ends at North Dakota. This long distance trail in the US passes through five Great Lakes and other small lakes and therefore hikers get the scope of enjoying many water sights.

10. Great Western Loop

Great Western Loop

This is a 6800 mile long distance trail offering splendid views of the mountains and the valleys. This is one of the best hiking trails among the top 10 long-distance hiking trails in the US.

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