30 of the Best Bargain Adventures

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The best bargain adventures would take the adventure lovers to have all their desires for thrill granted as they set about either on an adrenaline rush or to find themselves in some utterly remote place which is out of the confines of civilization. Adventure has much to do with embracing nature in its most rugged avatar and the places below surely are those that hold up the options for thrilling holidays.

1. Photography and Surfing, Costa Rica

Photography and Surfing, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has everything to offer that include the opportunity to surf on the foaming waves of the sea and immortalizing the beauty by capturing the sun bathed surf at the Jaco Beach.

2. Kruger Camping Safari, South Africa

Kruger Camping Safari, South Africa

This is a four day safari that takes the travellers to taste the unique culture and wildlife of South Africa. The trip starting at Johannesburg would head towards the Kruger National Park.

3. Self Catering, Lanzarote

Self Catering, Lanzarote

Enjoy self-catering as you are in the Tiagua village at Tiagua 81 in Lanzerote on the Canary Island, the volcanic landscape of which covered with spring flowers is a blissful sight.

4. Climbing Mount Toubkal, North Africa

Climbing Mount Toubkal, North Africa

The mountaineers have been attracted since years to this 4167 metres tall peak of Morocco, Mount Toubkal. The mountain scenery is spectacular as you walk through.

5. Budget Road Trip

Budget Road Trip

A road trip through the US in the winter sun is no less than adventure. The bus services take you through a number of places withholding the rural charm.

6. Lycian Way Hiking, Europe

Lycian Way Hiking, Europe

Widely regarded as one of the largest trails in the world, the Lycian Way would take you to explore the scenic beauty of the place.

7. Mountain Biking, Mongolia

Mountain Biking, Mongolia

The mountain bike tour explores a two hundred miles mountain route through the forests, valleys, and mountains inhabited by the nomads.

8. Kakadu Adventures, Australia

Kakadu Adventures, Australia

Enjoy the seclusion from the world as you go to the remote Kakadu National Park that features a number of inclusions at a moderate price.

9. Walking Safari, Kenya

Walking Safari, Kenya

The Kenyan safaris take their visitors very close to the wildlife in moderate rates. You can closely watch the elephants, leopards, moneys, and lions.

10. Usambara Mountain Cultural Trek, Africa

Usambara Mountain Cultural Trek, Africa

Located in north western Tanzania, Usambara is one of the most biologically diverse places of the world. Trek through the mountain covered with the canopy formed by the tropical forests.

11. Back Packing by Bus, South Africa

Back Packing by Bus, South Africa

One of the best bargain adventures is back packing by bus in South Africa. Doing this would allow you to explore both the rural charm and the manmade urban centres.

12. Mount Atlas Trek

Mount Atlas Trek

Trekking through the Atlas Mountains will offer a combination of valleys and beautiful landscapes.

13. Temple Stay, South Korea

Temple Stay, South Korea

Staying at a temple is no less than an adventure when you are looking forward for a budget stay in the Gangnam district.

14. Costa Rica on Shoestring

Costa Rica on Shoestring

The beaches and the volcanoes are the famed adventure sites at Costa Rica. While La Fortune gives a pump to the adrenaline, the cool beaches embalm you.

15. Spring Fiesta, Spain

Spring Fiesta, Spain

Partake in the spring fiesta of Mairena’s Alpujjaran village celebrated on the third Saturday of April is a great site to witness. This spirit of the carnival is not without the inherent rural charm.

16. Trans-Siberian Rail, Russia

Trans-Siberian Rail, Russia

The Trans-Siberian rail would offer a budget travel steeped in adventure as you explore the beautiful landscape of Russia.

17. Local Living in Antigua, Central America

Local Living in Antigua, Central America

The local living is not just a budget stay but is also an opportunity where you can connect with the locals of Antigua and get the local flavour.

18. Walking the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Walking the Great Ocean Road, Australia

One of the places that appeals to your senses aesthetically is Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, while you explore watch the playful kangaroos and the snoozing koalas.

19. Beaches and Backwaters, India

Beaches and Backwaters, India

Come to India if you have planned a relaxed time. Drifting in the calm backwaters or lying down on the cool white beaches is relaxing.

20. Sahara Adventure, Morocco

Sahara Adventure, Morocco

Riding on the camels can be a real adventure when you are at the Sahara desert. Looking around you would only find vast stretches of sand spotted with few desert greens.

21. Cuban Rhythms, Central America

Cuban Rhythms, Central America

Cuba has more to offer than just beach resorts. Taste the local culture as you walk by the streets of Havana and Trinidad.

22. Coast and Casita, Mexico

Coast and Casita, Mexico

A shuttle van service can take you taste the culture of the authentic rural Mexico. This allows you to go to Oaxaca from the city of Mexico at moderate rate.

23. Hiking and Water Sports, New Zealand

Hiking and Water Sports, New Zealand

Hiking through the natural trails at the Islands of Bay in New Zealand is worth experiencing along with the myriad water sports that the place permits.

24. Surfing, Morocco

Surfing, Morocco

Nothing can be more thrilling than experiencing surfing at Essaouira in Morocco. The inviting waters call you to participate.

25. Exploring Village and Hill Tribes, Thailand

Exploring Village and Hill Tribes, Thailand

The hills in Thailand offer a striking contrast to the typical urban atmosphere that pervades in Bangkok and also the expense that a visit to Bangkok entails.

26. Budget Sights, Sri Lanka

Budget Sights, Sri Lanka

Going for a thrilling sightseeing to the different areas of Sri Lanka like NuwaraEliya, Kandy, and Sigiriya, is one of the best bargain adventures.

27. Desert Adventure, Morocco

Desert Adventure, Morocco

Spend a week exploring the Moroccan desert and learn the secrets of Casablanca and Marrakech while going through all the adventures it has to offer.

28. Budget Flights, Gambia

Budget Flights, Gambia

Take the budget flights from Gatswick to Gambia and observe the thrilling sights at Les Paletuviers.

29. Discover the Pink City, India

Discover the Pink City, India

Travel through Jaipur and discover what earns it the name, while also watching the historical and heritage buildings.

30. Scuba Diving, Egypt

Scuba Diving, Egypt

Experience the thrill of scuba diving in the cool waters of the Red Sea as you plan your holidays in Egypt.

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