New York Travel Information – A New York Travel Guide for Tourists

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New York popularly known as Big Apple by its lovers is home to plenty of tourist attractions and is paid homage by millions of tourists every year. If you are looking to travel to New York, some attractions you should not miss out on are the Broadway and landmarks like Statue of Liberty. New York travel information can come in particularly handy if you are visiting the city for the first time and this New York travel guide will help you if you are wondering where to start.

New York travel guide – Find out about the daily trips

There are plenty of daily city trips that are conducted for tourists in New York. A good place to start gathering information about these trips is your hotel. Talk to the concierge of your hotel and discuss trip ideas with him. The concierge will assist you in planning your day as you choose starting from booking theaters to arranging trips around the city. The concierge can also help you get reservations done in some restaurants you want to visit or arrange for babysitting if you are carrying a toddler with you. The concierge is also a good place to explore New York Travel Information.

New York travel information – Research about the place

Pay a visit to the tourism office to find out details about New York travel information. The tourism office is located on the 7th Avenue at the West 53rd Street. Tourism office helps you to sketch out a detailed itinerary covering all the amusements, tours, local events and landmarks the city has to offer. You can also visit the Times Square for more detailed information. The Visitor Center which is located in the middle of Times Square provides visitors with brochures, maps, information on guided tours and local events. Concert tickets for your favorite band can also be arranged from here.

New York Travel Information

Most sought after destinations in New York City

Some destinations that you should not miss out on when you are in New York are the Apollo Theater, Broadway, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. The Apollo Theater is a major landmark in the world of entertainment and is famous for the spectacular Amateur Nights it hosts. The theater dates back to as early as 1930 and many major stars like Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday started their careers here.

Broadway is equally as popular as Apollo amongst visitors to the city. Broadway has over the years featured many award winning musicals like Mary Poppins, West Side Story and Wicked. Brooklyn Bridge acts as a passage between Manhattan and Brooklyn and symbolizes the spirit of New York. The Bridge is 5989 foot long and is an excellent viewing point for the city’s skyline. Central Park is located in a picturesque landscape between street number 59 and 110. Central Park is spread over 843 acres and is home to lush green landscapes, lakes, fountains, tennis courts and playgrounds. Carriage rides can also be availed to tour this wondrously beautiful park.

If you have budgeted for a few more days in hands and also want to visit the more offbeat locations then you should explore New York travel information for more ideas.



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