5 Spring Break Trips in America That Are Popular

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Spring break is the time when you can allow all hell to break loose. At this point in time, all you want to do is have fun with your friends and family members. Spring is the season in which you can partake in lots of activities out of doors. America is home to some really fabulous destinations that you can make your way to when you are on a spring break. To know more about these 5 spring break trips, you need to keep the following points in mind.

1. Orange County

Located in the American state of California, the Orange County would be a wonderful place to visit on a spring break. The Orange County has more than five to six public beaches. There are also wonderful malls and shopping arcades over here where you can shop till you drop. The beach side areas are known to have some really wonderful sea food gourmet dining restaurants.

Orange County

2. Manhattan

The city of Manhattan in New York is also one of the top 5 spring break trips destinations in America. Manhattan is a shopper’s paradise. It is also a place where you can get to see popular structures like the Statue of Liberty and pay a visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


3. Los Angeles

You should visit Los Angeles to have a good time during spring break. Los Angeles is one of the top destinations in the list of 5 spring break trips in America as it contains an abundance of night clubs and discos. There are also some very good pizza parlors and Chinese dining locations situated in this city. Food is quiet cheaply priced.

Los Angeles Downtown by night

4. San Diego

If you are fond of wild life, especially marine life, then you should make your way to San Diego in California for your spring break. There are some wonderful aquatic parks here that house marine life of various kinds. Examples include dolphins, sea lions and the killer whales. You can also come across unique animals like the octopus.

San Diego

5. Washington DC

A trip to the capital would be certainly a good idea for your spring break. Washington is one of the most historic of cities. Here you can visit the presidential building and also the Smithsonian. Navigating the city can be a fairly easy thing to do if you make use of the rental car services.

Washington DC

Thus, the country of America is really home to some marvelous destinations which you can visit on your spring break. These top 5 spring break trips can do you a lot of good. Everyone needs a break now and then, and these are destinations that are certain to provide you with the best kind of relaxation and comfort.

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