5 Fine Destinations for Fall

The fall is the time of the year when days get shorter, night’s crisper and the air marks the arrival of fall. A lot of people plan their vacations during this time of the year, mainly because of the fact that places remain less crowded, lodging is cheaper and the changing season wraps the nature in beautiful colors. Here is a list of 5 fine destinations for fall, sure to offer the travelers with a unique and splendid experience.

1. Alba, Italy

Located in the northwestern part of Italy in Piedmont region, the place is extremely popular among tourists for the International White Truffle fair. Apart from that, Alba is extremely popular for its nocciola, wines and jam. The fair is held in between October and middle of November. The launch of the fair starts with some historical re-enactment, donkey races and medieval parade.

Alba, Italy

2. Darjeeling, India

The place known worldwide for its tea of excellent flavor and taste is also the Himalayan hideaway for Indians. Without the mention of Darjeeling, the 5 fine destinations for fall list remains absolutely incomplete. Situated at an elevation of 7,407 feet, the place offers breathtaking views of popular Himalayan peaks including the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. The best time to visit Darjeeling is between the months of September and December.

Darjeeling, India

3. Great Masurian Lakes, Poland

Situated in northeastern Poland, the place has more than two thousand lakes including forested islands. The community is based outside Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The best way to explore the vast network of rivers and canals is with the help of a kayak or sailboat. The colorful foliage of Augustow Forest puts this place among 5 fine destinations for fall that one wouldn’t want to miss. The place is filled with Teutonic Castles, baroque churches, charming villages and towns.

Great Masurian Lakes, Poland

4. Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Also known as the world’s polar bear capital, this place is ideal for those who want to witness these magnificent creatures with their own eyes. One can visit anytime between the month of October and November. The fall is also the time when the Northern Lights start to dazzle up the sky.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

5. Zambia, Africa

This is the place where one can witness the highest waterfall (360 feet) in the entire globe. Devil’s Pool which is a swimming area located atop the waterfalls, enables people to enjoy themselves to the fullest without any danger of falling off. The swimming area can be reached from Livingstone Island situated in Zambezi River. The ideal time of visiting the place is between the months of September and December. The local rainforest can also prove to be nice experience for adventure lovers.

Zambia, Africa

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