5 Best Ethical Destinations of the World

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Ethical destinations across the world refer to those places which do an impressive job to promote human rights, preserve the environment, and create a sustainable tourism industry. Listed below are 5 of the most ethical destinations of the world.

1. Barbados

Visiting Barbados and returning from the place leaves many travellers jumping high with fond memories of a memorable visit. The place has lots of things to do and more number of places to see. So, be it the heritage locations or the museums of Historic Bridgetown or the safari adventure it’s truly a fascinating experience for the traveller. This place boasts of scenic beauty with ample places to stay close to nature. The green monkeys are among the other attractions of this beautiful island. Surrounded by beach the place is as beautiful as it could be.


2. Cape Verde

Cesaria Evora, the famous singer from this place is the best person to be associated with. Situated on the western coast of Africa, it is an archipelago of around 10 islands. It is among the newest islands to have been inhabited which were first visited by the Portuguese in the early 15th century. The place serves like model for political rights in Africa which has seen a drastic rise in its tourism in the last few years. The other thing which puts it on top of the list of ethical destinations of the world is the use of renewable energy which indicates the concerns they have towards the sustainability and use of fossil fuels.

Cape Verde

3. Costa Rica

An island situated between the two big oceans namely Atlantic and Pacific, this place has one of the most beautiful coastlines for a drive. The white and black sand beaches are something which have attracted visitors for years today. It has been also famous as a peace-loving and democratic country which doesn’t have any army of its own. The country has also recorded the lowest crime rates and ranked at the top on the list of happiest countries in the world.

Costa Rica

4. Ghana

It is among the friendliest countries in Africa and has got the tag ‘Land of Sunshine’. The country maintains a very high level of freedom in press with a very stable democracy. More than 15% of the territory is rated to be environmentally protected.


5. Lativa

A place for the lazy traveller is how people define Lativa. The country has historical cities of Riga, Cesis, Sigulda, Talsi and Kuldiga which are among the liveliest places which speak of the past and heritage of the place. Ecotourism has been on top of the agenda for the local government with a well controlled human rights as well as press freedom.


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