5 Best Destinations in the World for Art and Architecture

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One of the most delightful aspects of visiting a historic destination is the specimens of art and architecture which you can get to witness over here. Art and architecture is something that cannot just be appreciated by experts. It can be appreciated by the average man too. There are several places in the world which are home to some of the finest forms of art and architecture. To know about 5 of the world’s best destinations for art and architecture there are some important names which you need to remember.

1. Rome

The Italian capital city of Rome undoubtedly secures its place in the list of 5 of the world’s best destinations for Art and Architecture. Examples of architectural specimens which you can get to witness over here include the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, San Pietro in Montorio, All Saints’ Anglican Church and the statue of David.


2. Kolkata

The Indian city of Kolkata is also one among 5 of the world’s best destinations for art and architecture as it is home to many of the architectural wonders. A good example is of course the Victoria Memorial. This was constructed during British rule and was meant to commemorate the glory of Queen Victoria. Apart from this there are other architectural attractions too including St Paul’s Cathedral, Howrah Bridge and Fort William. Visitors can also get to see the art in its best form in the Marble Palace which houses a range of sculptures and paintings.

Kolkata Victoria Memorial

3. London

If you want to see art and architecture at its finest then you should definitely make your way to London. Witness the splendid Buckingham palace and the British Museum to get a glimpse of some amazing art forms. The Westminster Abbey is also known to contain works of art which date to the period of the Renaissance.


4. Paris

The French capital city of Paris is also one among 5 of the best destinations in the world for Art and Architecture. The most famous monument here is of course the Eiffel Tower. The tower is best viewed in the evening hours when it is lit up with bright lights. Entry is quite easy to secure and you need to purchase tickets. There are also several shops and bistros within the tower that are worth exploring. Another must-visit place in Paris is the Louvre which is both a historic monument and one of the largest museums in the world. Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, the Haussmannian boulevards, operas and concert halls are all those places that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Eiffel Tower

5. Cologne

This German city houses the largest gothic structure in the world, the Dom Cathedral. It was constructed by the emperor Charlemagne in the medieval era and stands tall even today. Entry is free and does not cost money.

Dom Cathedral 1

If you want to know about 5 of the world’s best destinations for art and architecture, the names mentioned above must be kept in mind. By traveling to these places you will get to witness some truly brilliant and probably the finest forms of architecture and art in the history of mankind. The European and British forms of architecture have a distinct sense of style from those produced in the eastern regions of the world.

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