3 Top Skiing Resorts to Consider this Winter

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Despite experiencing a slight dip in the wake of the recent recession, the outbound travel industry in UK is worth more than £20 billion per annum. With the recovery under way and citizens increasingly likely to travel overseas, this number is set to rise considerably during 2014 and beyond. This not only applies to summer holidays either, as British consumers also consider the merits of booking a cruise or skiing trip during the cold months of winter.

3 Top Skiing Destinations for Experts and Novices

Skiing trips are particularly popular, but with so many destinations located across the globe it can be hard to identify the most suitable location. Consider the following options prior to booking your trip: –

Aspen in Colorado, the U.S.:

Aspen in Colorado, the U.S.

While Aspen may not be home to the world’s greatest ski courses, it is ideal for enthusiasts who hope to mix with the rich and famous during their stay. Renowned for its luxurious accommodation, steep slopes and mountainous landscape, it is also extremely popular among Hollywood’s finest and some of America’s brightest starlets. It also boasts excellent and variable terrain to suit all skill levels, meaning that it is ideal for families who are looking to enjoy a fun and interactive holiday experience.

Zermatt in Switzerland, Central Europe:

Zermatt in Switzerland, Central Europe

Although Zermatt is a resort that sits in the shadow of its more luxurious neighbour Gstaad, it is actually the single most popular skiing location in the whole of Switzerland. Boasting unrivalled tranquillity, excellent value for money and access to the world’s second largest vertical drop, this picturesque destination benefits from extremely high altitude and provides visitors with the opportunity to traverse incredibly challenging terrain at their leisure.

Kitzbuhel in Austria, Eastern Europe:

Kitzbuhel in Austria, Eastern Europe

Austria is the undoubted capital of skiing, and home to some of the world’s most famous and reputable resorts. None is more popular than the stunning Kitzbuhel, however, which is affectionately referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’ by international travellers and locals alike. With winding slopes surrounding a charming 700 year old village, Kitzbuhel is unrivalled in terms of its history, cultural heritage and close affinity with the practice of skiing.

The Bottom Line

Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or simply relaxing in picturesque and tranquil surroundings, these resorts are ideal for you. On a final point, however, it is important to ensure that you are prepared for the conditions and activities that await you, so make sure that you have packed suitable attire and the exact skiing accessories that you will need.

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