10 Ways to Spend Summer in Italy

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If you are in Italy during summers then it is important for you to look out for the 10 ways to spend summer in Italy. Summer is the season to enjoy in Italy by driving down the Amalfi Coast, tracking the best gelato in Sicily or by watching the sunrise in the beautiful city of Venice. Some of the best experiences under Italian sun have been enumerated below.

1. Taking a stroll in the Sudtirol

Set out and take a wonderful stroll in Sudtirol to find the Alpine meadows filled with grazing cattle and wildflowers, strong beer and huts that serve wursts. You will also find villages filled with people speaking German. To have the most impressive sight you can follow the Val di Funes trails.

2. Drive down the Amalfi Coast

Drive down the Amalfi Coast

Italy possesses the repute of being a region where even the B-roads are treated as Silverstone. The Amalfi coast drive is a sublime route that stretches around 35 miles along the Sorrento Peninsula coast. The drive down this coast is probably breathtaking because of its cliff-edges and hairpin bends.

3. Watching Venice at First Light

Venice is the most beautiful city of Italy and therefore visitors who tend to visit Italy during the summers should make it a point to watch Venice during daylight. The best time to watch the beauty and the splendor of the city id during dawn when it is not crowded with people. At pre-dawn light, the city of Venice seems to be a city filled with deserted and silent piazzas, sires and towers illuminated in the soft light of the morning sun.

4. Have Sicilian Ice Cream

Have Sicilian Ice Cream

The consumption of ice cream is taken as a form of art in Italy. Italians are masters of the art of having a cone gracefully without affording to lose even one sip down in the groin. The city even possesses a university for ice creams in a place called Bologna.

5. Relish some great food in Piedmont

Relish some great food in Piedmont

Italy is known for great food and great wine. The food in the Piedmont area of Italy is especially serious due to the oak forests and the snails served during the spring. Vegetarian food and even fresh fruits are enormously available in the region where the hillside town is found rising photogenically from the sea of some flowering vineyards.

6. Find the quiet side of the Italian Lakes

Find the quiet side of the Italian Lakes

In Italy, buying a home on a lake is considered to be of great pride. Roman dignitaries built villas on lakes and the tradition still continues. You can always hire a quite spot on the lakes of Italy, though it would be difficult or you to find one during the peak season. Do not go for the larger lakes during summer because this is the peak season there.

7. Go for an experience at Sardinian Beach

Sardinian Beach

The beaches in Sardinia are not very crowded all round the year, but during the summers they go through a complete transformation. They become Italy’s most popular sunbathing spots during the summers. However, if you are a person, not very fond of crowds, then you can always make your way towards some of the silent beaches in Sardinia.

8. Learn the Culinary Rules of Bologna

Culinary Rules of Bologna

Bologna is the academic and the culinary capital. It is home to the oldest universities in the world and even to the boisterous cafes. It is one place in Italy that seems to be radiant during the summer season. The city serves as one perfect place where you can easily learn the rules that govern Italian drinking and eating.

9. Enjoy the Roman Passeggiata

Roman Passeggiata

Roman Passeggiata is the little walk which is a ritual followed by the Italians when they walk from 5 pm to 7 pm emptying down the streets from Palermo to Padua. Any form can be taken by this Passeggiata but the only standard is that you must dress smartly and in an unhurried fashion.

10. Navigate the Puglian Coast

Puglian Coast

You can even try navigating the Puglian Coast in Italy during the summers because the coast features exotic beauty and charm. These are the 10 ways to spend summer in Italyand they are sure to make your summers enjoyable and comfortable.

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