10 Things to Do in Peru

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Peru is considered to be one of the most gifted holiday destinations among all due to its diversity in the scenery and of a tourist visits Peru then he/she should have knowledge about the 10 things to do in Peru. From the Amazon Rain Forests in the southern part of the country to the Andes Mountains in the north, a tourist will be able to experience all kinds of climatic conditions. Even if a tourist makes repeated tours to Peru then he/she will have a new experience every time.

1. Living in the jungle lodge while visiting Amazon Rain Forest

If you are an adventure freak then a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest should top your list. Birds, animals, plants, one can find almost all types of flora and fauna there. If anybody has plans to meet the tribal people who live there then such arrangements are also there due to the jungle lodge, which is well equipped with all the basic enmities. It is also a boon for the picture freaks as well, as the person can get fascinating shots of wild animals there.

2. Trekking at the Cordillera Blanca

A paradise for the trekkers and climbers, it is the highest tropical mountain in the whole world. One can witness glaciers, lakes, rivers, while journeying to this location. Another fascinating thing which can be found here is a group of 50 summits, that can reach anywhere from 15,748 feet to 21,875 feet.

Things to Do in Peru

3. Visiting the Huascaran National Park

One can find this national park before going to Cordillera Blanca. Actually all the mountain chains are bordered around this national park, featuring the most fantastic and breathtaking scenery and views one will find in the whole world.

4. Enjoying a night with Uros tribes of reed islands

It can be really nice spending time on the islands of Lake Titicaca, which is the home of the famous Uros tribes. One can find traces of the old Incan civilization there. Another interesting fact is the islands are made up of reeds and not soil, so it can be really fascinating walking, sitting and sleeping on land made up of reeds and not soil. It is like being on the waterbed all the time.

5. Enjoying the high speed dune buggy rides

Paying a visit to the Huacachina can really pay off as you will be able to enjoy a famous adventure sport called sand-boarding, and dune buggy rides. Sand-boarding and snowboarding are similar things, the difference is on the medium on which this sports is played.

6. Watching an Andean Condor fly

People go and visit Colca canyon in order to see the Andean Condor, which is the largest land bird in the whole world. The scenery of this canyon is also very beautiful.

7. Mountain climbing at El Misti Volcano

Climbing here is no big deal, as it can be done with bare hands only without using any extra gear but in the winter, the scenario changes.

Mountain climbing in Peru

8. Surfing

Peru has a paradise for surfers, where one can find the longest waves in the world i.e. at Chcama. But surfing here is not a joke; one should try surfing here if he/she has got adequate amount of knowledge and experience of surfing.

9. Enjoying a flying tour over the Nazca lines

It is really breathtaking and fascinating seeing the figures while taking a flying tour. These lines are present there for more than thousands of years while the reason for their existence is still a mystery.

10. Shopping at the Pisac market

Peru markets feature some of the best handicrafts in the world. The local people are great artists and are experts in making awesome works of handicrafts that are a treat for the travelers. So, this calls in for our last addition in our list of 10 things to do in Peru.

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