10 of the World’s Best Destinations for Drinkers

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For those people who are fond of drinking, the sight of a list of the 10 of the world’s best destinations for drinkers might bring a pleasure. Boozing at home was the thing of the past. These days, people are ready to spend money on the activities they enjoy and if drinking is one of them, why not spend on it too? You would get a nice and a very different kind of feel when you go to the world’s best place for having a drink. If you have some friends with you, that would be even amazing but to drink responsibly is something that you should always keep in mind.

1. Mendoza, Argentina

The South American wine, especially from Chile, would definitely draw your attention if you are actually a wine lover. So travelling to this place with your group of friends is what you need to do to have a real taste of this splendid wine.

2. Krakow, Poland

If you are a diehard fan of Vodka, what would be better than visiting Poland to taste the best of it? An added benefit of visiting Poland is that you would have nice sightseeing too.

3. Scotland

As far as whisky is concerned, nothing can be compared to Scotland. So, don’t go anywhere else in the world if you have plans to drink enough whisky this vacation. But make sure that you carry enough money with you.

World’s Best Destinations for Drinkers

4. France

If you are a kind of person who focuses on variety rather than sufficing yourself to just a bunch of varieties of wines, France is the place to go. You would have adequate amount of variety and you would love to experience it.

5. Kentucky

For the spirits enthusiasts, there would be no better place in this world than the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. The bourbon is a kind of wine loved by all the men and in your friends group you would be an icon if you suggest this idea.

6. French West Indies

Though there is a variety available for the drinkers, the lovers of rum would not be satisfied till they get the best quality of rum. Well, if you are one of those kinds of men, you can go to French West Indies to taste the best of rum.

7. American Beer Festival

Beer is something unmatched when you are in the celebration mood and if you want to celebrate it with something really good. American beer would quench your thrust if you are a beer lover and the Great American beer festival would be the best for you.

8. California Wine Country

Drinking and driving is a crime and it’s against the laws at home too but not here. Yes, at the California wine country, this is possible. Go and enjoy!

9. Oktoberfest

Held annually in Bavaria, Germany, this is considered as one of the world’s largest funfairs where you can go in search for the best wines across the world. Not only the wine is very strong, but the scenic beauty that you would enjoy is also amazing.

10. Mexico

Your tequila shots would be incomplete for your life if you do not happen to visit Mexico. So, among all the 10 of the world’s best destinations for drinkers; head directly to Mexico if you really want to enjoy tequila shots with your friends this vacation.

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