10 of the Best Super Bowl Destinations in America

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The super bowl tournament is one of the largest football tournaments to be played in the American continent. The United States of America and Canada take an active part in this tournament for once in a year. The best teams compete with each other in order to win the super bowl title. Sometimes the inaugural ceremonies of such tournaments feature performances by international artists like Madonna and Jay Z. The following are the 10 America’s best super bowl destinations.

1. Green Bay in Wisconsin

The grass is lush green and conducive for running around for long hours. There is no likelihood for players to stumble over and all.

Green Bay in Wisconsin

2. Buffalo Stadium

It has a fantastic audience intake and can house thousands of viewers at a time. There are opportunities for securing refreshments here from time to time by people who come to watch the game.

Buffalo Stadium

3. New Meadow Lands

The climate here is always conducive for sporting activities. Hence it is one of the finest super bowl destinations in America.

New Meadow Lands

4. Lincoln Financial Field

This is situated in the downtown area. It is easy to access on the part of those coming to watch the NFL game played over here.

Lincoln Financial Field

5. Arrowhead Stadium

Audience intake is one of the largest in America at this particular stadium. Tickets for watching the game over here can be purchased over the internet.

Arrowhead Stadium

6. Invesco

This is a super bowl stadium located in Denver. Online tickets can be bought for discounted rates through the website of this stadium. Discounts are as high as twenty to thirty percent.

Invesco stadium

7. Fed Ex Stadium

This is also one of the largest super bowl destinations in the country of America. A hundred thousand members can be incorporated in the audience at a minimum.

Fed Ex Stadium

8. Heinz Field

Located in the state of Pittsburgh, Heinz Field is a gigantic stadium. The green grass and fantastic audience intake makes it ideal for hosting the Super Bowl tournament here.

Heinz Field

9. Quest Field

Situated in Seattle, this is one of 10 America’s best super bowl destinations. Tickets need to be booked well in advance.

Quest Field

10. Soldier Field

This is one of 10 American’s best super bowl destinations and is in Chicago. It offers wonderful opportunities for entertainment apart from providing ideal conditions for playing the NFL game.

Soldier Field

If you want to know about the best super bowl destinations in America you need to keep these things in mind. These are 10 America’s best super bowl destinations because of the facilities available for the refreshment of the audience and also for their massive structures. Add to that the fact that tickets for witnessing games at these stadiums can be bought online quite easily.

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