Silversea Announces World Cruise 2015

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One of the most luxurious and grandest travel journeys will commence on 5th January 2015 when Silversea starts its World Cruise. This is expected to be the most elegant ships and Silver Whisper will go for a 115 day voyage visiting 30 countries, 50 interesting destinations and five continents.

It will be having 382 people on board and departs from Los Angeles. This cruise will sail through the South Pacific waters and explore the Australian scenic wonders, marvels of South China and areas around French Polynesia. The journey continues to other places including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

World Cruise 2015

Through the Indian Ocean it will move into the African regions like Cape Town, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dakar, and Walvis Bay. The voyage will finish when it reaches Caribbean islands across Atlantic regions.

The guests in this cruise will get a chance to experience the local culture of eight different ports. Along with this there are overnight calls in Sydney, Papeete, Hong Kong, Fremantle, Bangkok, Cape Town, Mombasa and Ho Chi Minh City. Some other value added amenities are gala reception, overnight stay in luxury hotel, onboard shipping credit of $4,000, complimentary laundry service, and other commemorative gifts.

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