Melon District in Barcelona | Functional and very Affordable Accommodation

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For those visiting Europe and want to know more about affordable accommodation options, Melon district in Barcelona is the right place that will let you fulfill all your needs while helping you get the right bang for the buck . If you like to make the most of the opportunities for traveling in exchange for going long on a tight budget, you know how difficult it is usually to find cheap accommodation in selected European cities such as London, Rome or Barcelona. As a matter of fact there are several cheap apartments in Barcelona. In this case you will be interested to know the formula of accommodation Melon District in Barcelona offers with a functional and affordable price allowing you to stay 15 minutes from the center of the city.


Melon District is a concept of residence created by a Catalan company which aims to provide student housing. In fact, their facilities are modern and functional buildings with rooms and common services for the stay of students and long-term cuts which are largely foreign. But Melon District also offers the possibility of accommodation for tourists to stay for days at a very affordable price. There are hotels but an intermediate alternative between them are hostels rooms. Currently in Barcelona there are two Melon District residences located in Poble Sec and Marina opened in 2007 and 2009 respectively.


Melon District Marina where I was able to stay recently is a five minute walk to the Marina Metro Station. The set consists of four buildings, three of which have seven floors that are dorm intended. The fourth is the main building that offers the possibility of accommodation for a cheap price which in normal season is 35 to 40 euros per day and in the tourist summer season, from 50 to 60 euros per day. Faced with the most affordable option, dormitory hostels in Melon District have a simple single room with bed, a small but adequate private bathroom, air conditioning and television. Each floor has a hall for common use which includes kitchen with fridge where you have your own compartment to keep your food and dining table and use Wi-Fi which is already included in the price.

A really attractive corner of each Melon District residence building of Marina is its pool terrace from where you have excellent views of Barcelona. Common facilities of this residence include the vending area where you can buy soft drinks, coffee and snacks as well as computers and printers for use by residents. But the building also incorporates a functional café-restaurant where you can eat breakfast at very affordable price or lunch or dinner with menus for 11 euros. All in all this is a very interesting alternative for budget accommodation in Barcelona.

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