Top 10 Tree House Hotels for a Tranquil Vacation

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Man has been building different forms of houses ever since he learned to live in the civilized world. Today, non-conventional accommodation facilities attract tourists who want to enjoy a difference in lifestyle. The popular tree house hotels have earned their reputation due to their uniqueness and services.

1. Ariau Amazon Towers

Ariau Amazon Towers

Ariau Amazon Towers is one of the biggest tree house hotels. It is erected at heights of 21 metres to 33 metres. 16 kilometres of wooden walkways connect private suites to the restaurant and public areas.

2. Cedar Creek Treehouse

Cedar Creek Treehouse

Cedar Creek Treehouse has been perched 15 metres high on an old Cedar tree at the border of Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The 30 square-metre tree house hotel seems like an observatory offering dizzying view of the magnificent Mount Rainier.

3. Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista

The sprawling tree-house complex Finca Bellavista was envisioned and created by Erica and Mateo in 2006. Other than tree-houses that are connected by each other with zip-lines and bridges, nature lovers get 600-acre expanse of rainforest to explore as much as they can.

4. Sanya Nanshan Treehouses

Sanya Nanshan Treehouses

‘Big Beach in the Sky’ is the more popular reference term for Sanya Nanshan Treehouse. Unlike most others, it is a true tree house hotel which is built on multiple Tamarind trees, each of which is connected to the other with wooden bridges. A suspended rope-and-plank bridge is the only way to access the houses.

5. The Hostel

The Hostel

The Hostel is relatively a more sustainable and close to nature group of nine tree-houses which is supported by volunteers along with the geodesic domes.

6. The Human Nest

Spirit Nest Big Sur California

The Human Nest is a tree house hotel of Treebones Resort in California. Its structure is really like a nest. Breakfast is offered with overnight stay. Bathroom and shower facility is available on the ground.

7. Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge is situated on a 10-acre beachfront in the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This tree house hotel is sustainably built and offer solar heating to its occupants. There is a quirky shower too. A century old Sangrillo tree is its base.

8. Treehotel


The Jonas Selberg Augusten movie The Tree Lover is the inspiration behind Treehotel. Each Treeroom is more than 4 metres above the ground offering great view of the River Lule. The facility offers high-standard accommodation with little ecological impact.

9. Treehouse Point

Treehouse Point

Author Peter Nelson is the builder and owner of Treehouse Point, which has two distinct cabins in the mossy old-grown forest in the Pacific Northwest. A suspension bridge and a spiral staircase wrapped around the tree trunk are the means of access to the tree house.

10. Treehouse Treesort

Treehouse Treesort

Though its name may suggest a resort, Treesort is a basic bed & breakfast tree house hotel constituted of 18 tree-top facilities. The viewing platform, child-sized forts, horse rides and the pool can be enjoyed by visitors.

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