Top 10 Budget Hotels in London

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No doubt London is an expensive city. You would need good bucks in your pocket if you plan to travel to this city. Here is a list of top 10 budget hotels in London with the help of which you would be able to find a stylish hotel that fits your budget. This list would also be helpful in case you need to stay in a hotel just for a single day or a single night. At each of these hotels you would get value worth your money while having a great time.

So, if you are afraid going to London because you think you would not be able to afford a stay here, you need not worry. Check out this list of the budget hotels in London.

1. Church Street Hotel

If you are on a low budget and still you want something stylish, there would be no better choice than to go to the Church Street Hotel. The interesting thing about this hotel is that each bedroom here is decorated in a different manner. So, even if you visit this hotel more than once, you would get lovely surprises.

Church Street Hotel

2. Stylotel

The next hotel amongst the top budget-friendly hotels in London is Stylotel. The style of this hotel is absolutely different with its large mirrors, wall coverings that are made up of aluminum, glass furniture and other things that give a feel of a London home.


3. Arosfa Hotel

If you are with your lover on this trip to London, do not go to any other hotel. The Arosfa Hotel is rightly made for lovers. There is a garden where you can enjoy and the decoration is superb. And all this within a budget!

Arosfa Hotel

4. Twenty Nevern Square

Even this small hotel is among the best budget hotels. There are only 20 rooms but the beauty of the hotel lies in the fact that each room is very different from the other. Since there is a square garden around it, the hotel has been named as Twenty Nevern Square.

Twenty Nevern Square

5. Avo Hotel

What would be better than a hotel that has “Welcome” in its name? Yes, the famous Avo Hotel definitely is one of the best hotels in London that is budget-friendly as well. Once you visit this place, you would fall in love with it instantly because of the hotel’s lovely design.

Avo Hotel

6. 55

Garden, restaurant, lounge bar, all in a single place and this is what Brits call Hangar Lane’s 55 Hotel. This hotel is in great demand, so book your rooms well in advance.


7. Arran House Hotel

As the name indicates, this is a hotel that was previously a house to some people. A private rose garden is the secret thing about this hotel.

Arran House Hotel

8. The Hoxton

This is a newly built hotel that has been added to the list of top budget-friendly hotels in London. If you happen to include Sunday in your trip, you would be at your best, as you can book this hotel for free.

The Hoxton

9. The Pavilion

The Pavilion would be the perfect hotel for your stay, if you are fond of traditional ambiences. The continental breakfast that is served here is perhaps the most appreciated part of this hotel.

The Pavilion

10. Jesmond Hotel

If you want something worth your money, Jesmond Hotel would be the right choice for you. The grace of this hotel is extraordinary and it could not be seen in any other hotel. It is a peaceful heaven as described by local people.

Jesmond Hotel

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