The 10 Most Prestigious Hotels in Las Vegas

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If you are planning to visit Las Vegas which is the most entertaining city in the world and which is also called as the Sin City, plan to stay in one of the most prestigious hotels of this place. Known for their great ambience, many of these hotels is Las Vegas would cost more than a regular stay but with the facilities available; it is indeed worth every penny spent.

1. The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan

Here is the latest resort of the group. This 5 Star property is located on the Strip and has a 40000 sq. ft. area for entertainment. It features 3 pools, a giant Chandelier Lounge, many eateries that are run by several top chefs across the world and lots of course. Visit the Cosmopolitan if you would like to attempt something new, exciting and quite lavish. This Strip property is also all set to get back into its boxing business and features former world champion at the event scheduled for this August.

2. The Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace

Among the biggest properties from the whole city, Caesars Palace is a 4.5 Star property made famous by the film The Hangover. This resort is centrally located, has the Forum Shoppes Mall and is a place for among the most popular nightclubs in Vegas, “Pure”. Remain here if you would like a combination of extravagance and a party setting.

3. The Paris

The Paris

This 4 Star property is located centrally in Las Vegas. With a nearly full-size replica of the Eiffel Tower, the resort provides many excellent chances for pictures. Head up the tower and see the impressive skyline if you are bored of the regular activities or if the mood is not good enough. With excellent eateries including Mon Ami Gabi and sights such as the Eiffel Tower restaurant you get an excellent combination of extravagance and tradition.

4. Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

If you would like to bash In Vegas, this is the resort to get it done. Within this place are some of the great live music groups. The Miracle Mile shops have anything and everything that at young heart yearns for. There is also Hollywood memorabilia inside every room and there is definitely no better resort to have fun.

5. The Flamingo

The Flamingo

The last resort on the list is a 3.5 Star property, again centrally situated on the Strip of Las Vegas. It is the resort to be, if you would like a more old school Vegas feel. The resort features the Wildlife Habitat with roaming turtles, koi and flamingos in the ponds, surrounded by a verdant tropical paradise that spans across 15 acres. The Flamingo is also home for one of the most beautiful pools in the whole city.

6. The MGM Grand

The MGM Grand

Safeguarded by the huge statue of the famed MGM silver screen lion, The Leo, this place is known for its refined fashion, its first rate amusement activities and superb location which make it perfect for families. This place boosts four pools for families and has an adjoining 8000 foot long river.

7. New York-New York

New York-New York

This is the combination of the two of the World’s largest cities in one place. An incredibly themed resort with excellent attributes:

  • Swimming pool that is straightforward but relaxing.
  • Writhing and dunking all around the resort complex that is huge, that is essential for families.
  • Interesting-fuelled arcade.

8. Mandalay Bay Hotel

Mandalay Bay Hotel

With sandy beaches, its glimmering gold facade and magnificent pool complex, Mandalay Bay has everything a visitor would desire from a family resort.

  • Their biggest attraction is the pool complex which has various verdant encompassing swimming pools and filled with 2700 tons of imported sand.
  • Visit the esteemed Shark Reef Aquarium to witness the various species of marine life.
  • Go see the prominent musical we have all seen and adored Disney’s The Lion King.

9. The Excalibur

The Excalibur

This huge enchanted castle is an unbelievable sight and is a great family-friendly Vegas resort. It is particularly suited for families with young children who will be amused at the resorts outdoor that will just blow away. Excalibur also has a swimming pool overlooking the palm trees and has a water slide too.

10. Luxor Hotel

Luxor Hotel

Maybe among the most exceptional resorts on the planet, the Luxor is a giant glass pyramid filled with the atmosphere from the ancient Egyptian times.

  • The pool complex is placed for sun and the water glistens due to the Pyramid’s reflection, creating a charming vision.
  • Visitors get to see the Titanic: The Artefact Exhibit.

Visit the amazing and the world’s finest illusionists, Criss Angel.

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