Best and Cheap Hotels to Stay in Venice

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Venice is one of the most romantic destinations that many people from all over the world visit all the year. There are many cheap hotels that can make your stay wonderful in Venice for many days and witness the beautiful city. The major advantage with the hotels in Venice is that they are widely available all around the year, despite of the number of people visiting here. The rooms in the hotels are affordable too. The following are some of the cheap hotels in Venice that can fit your budget.

Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere

This budget hotel is located very near to the thrilling streets and the mesmerizing canals of the city. The hotel can be reached by travelling a few minutes from the famous Mestre Train Station. It has been renovated recently and offers the visitors a comfortable and spacious accommodation with all the amenities.

Hotel Giovannina

Hotel Giovannina

Hotel Giovannina is situated very nearby to the railway station. This hotel offers more than 30 rooms for their guests. All the rooms in this hotel are very luxurious. The terrace in this hotel also has a smoking zone just in case. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the city by staying in any room of this hotel.

Hotel Montecarlo

Hotel Montecarlo

Hotel Montecarlo is a three star hotel that is located at the cultural center of Venice. The hotel can be reached by travelling for a few minutes from the San Marco. The atmosphere inside the hotel is splendid and one can find it comfortable to stay. The modern rooms in this hotel replicate the Venetian culture in many ways.

There are many cheap THREE star hotels too that one can find nearby the Brenta river that is close to the Venice Centre. The three star hotels can be reached in a few minutes from the Venice Centre. You can also take the boat ride through the canals to reach the hotels. The view from the rooms is surely spectacular.

Other hotels

The Nelson Hotel Venice, Garden Hotel, Terramare Hotel, Svezia Hotel, Bristol Hotel and Ariston Hotel are some of the other hotels that offer special packages for their guests. Most of the packages include food and room rent and also some complimentary services. The guests would get a good discount by choosing such packages.

Although these hotels do not have the luxurious facilities like the five star hotels, yet they do have mini bars, parking facilities, restaurants, lounges, swimming pools, cocktail bars, Wi-Fi connection, cable television and air-conditioned rooms which are mostly sufficient for any traveler.

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