5 Charming Boutique Hotels in Spain

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The carefully selected charming boutique hotels in Spain pack in all the features of a luxury hotel. Spain being a wondrous place for holiday destination, the boutique hotels add to the experience of the traveller. The hotels along with their services ensure that the visitors to Spain have wonderful time both travelling around and resting.

1. Alma Barcelona Hotel, Barcelona

Alma Barcelona Hotel, Barcelona

The minimalistic design and sleek style of this boutique hotel gives it a modern touch. The interiors of the hotel are modern and chic housed in an anciently styled building of the forties. The staircases exhibit beautiful sculptural styles while the roof top allows beautiful views of the surrounding. There are seventy two rooms that include two suites. A perfect retreat for the adults, the rooms offer all the luxuries expected off a modern day boutique hotel. The bathrooms are elegantly designed as well.

2. Hotel Primero Primera, Barcelona

Hotel Primero Primera, Barcelona

The hotel retains glamour typical of the fifties. The family that stays here since 1955 runs the hotel. The interiors speak sophistication with leather, the toffee brown wood, sepia photography, and furniture coming down from the middle of the century. The hotel offers a quiet and exclusive setting. The tall ceilings of the room along with the large terrace offering luxurious views of sunset offer a perfect resting place for the tourists and travellers. The Hotel has a bar that offers a great collection of wine.

3. Hotel del Teatre, Emporda

Hotel del Teatre, Emporda

One of the most charming boutique hotels in Spain, Hotel del Teatre weds luxury to a typical rustic feel evoked by the farmhouse styled building. With soft lighting and fresh flowers all over, the hotel somewhat resembles the Catalan farmhouses of the eighteenth century. The countryside views offer a perfect escape from the urban community. The building that houses the restaurants resembles a typical old theatre. This boutique hotel is a romantic retreat in a rural setting. The whitewashed rooms together with their timber furniture enhance the rustic feel.

4. Puro Hotel, Mallorca

Puro Hotel, Mallorca

This boutique takes follows the Arabian styled art within the Mallorcan metropolis setting. The hotel building retains the signs of having been transformed from a fourteenth century palace. The exterior of the hotel shows a simple stone architecture. Also, interiors of the hotel, has a different story to tell. The hotel offers all the modern day comforts and facilities to its guests. One of the most outstanding features of the hotel is its central courtyard done in natural white stone and decked up with fountains and palms.

5. Villa Magna, Madrid

Villa Magna, Madrid

A charming boutique hotel in Spain, the Villa Magna boasts an aristocratic style. The hotel has been quite exclusive especially because of its truly ancient neighborhood. Situated centrally in the city, the hotel offers all the facilities to make the stay a comfortable one for the guests. There are facilities for accommodation for the kids and children too.

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